When we are working online or using the internet, we need to stay safe. Watch out for suspicious emails and websites. At no point should you give out your personal information. Personal information include: Full name, date of birth and address. This information can be misused in many ways such as, identity theft, or claim your money, or take out loans in your name, it can also be used to find you!


What is cyber bullying?

Visit from Met Police

Two female detectives delivered a workshop to our students regarding keeping safe online. The workshop included signs of exploitation and the negative impacts of social media in terms of grooming young people. Students are aware of how to raise a concern about themselves or about a friend. Madani takes safeguarding duties very seriously. Every year students will have workshops delivered by the local Tower Hamlets team on anti-bullying, prevent and e-safety.

Digital Learning Week

Tens of thousands of educators and students across the country demonstrated how technology can improve student learning, as part of the sixth annual national digital learning day. Ms Rumena (Computing teacher), set up a number of activities as a challenge for the whole school. Students were able to achieve a certificate as a result of demonstrating an understanding of the foundations of Computer Science. Class of Safiyyah (Y9) won the coding competition mashaAllah!

Red Hand Day

Red Hand Day is an international day against the use of child soldiers. Pupils looked at the treatment of child soldiers designed for children. From the 1st of feburary to the 9th Feburary, pupils were assigned a different task. 

Each class, deigned either a campaign against child soldiers, a role play on child soldiers, an informative speech against child soldiers or a poem against child soldiers. 

A speaker from Amnesty International delivered an assembly on the 7th Feburary and apoke to the pupils about child soldiers. 


Holocaust Memorial Day

This week students looked at the Holocaust. They explored a vast number of topics throughout the week and the aim was was for our pupils to develop a deeper understanding of how we can ensure that a tragic event like this does not happen again. 

The Holocaust provided one of the most effective subjects for examining basic morals. 

Studying the Holocaust helped students to:

Understand the roots and ramifications of prejudice, racism and sterotyping in any society.

Develop an awareness of the value of pluralism and an acceptance of diversicty 

World Religion Day

World Religion Day is a day that is celebrated world wide in January every year. This year a religion was chosen and each class did research. The religions chosen were those that was not part of the top three most popular religions practised today. Rather students explored other religions and found similarties between our faiths and there's - this consequently ensured mutual respect and understadning of those in out society. 

Anti Bullying

This term there were some very important workshops that took place. An anti– bullying workshop was organised for the current year 7 students, in which we had a guest speaker come and enlighten the pupils of the different types of bullying and how to overcome it. 

Bullying stops here