Code of conduct

The messenger of Allah (saw) said:

Amongst the best gifts a father gives his child, none is better than an excellent etiquette and elegant manners (Tirmidhi)

To ensure a safe and secure learning environment, we expect all our pupils to behave in the accordance with the school discipline policy, not only does good behaviour create harmony within the school but also encourages and creates a outstanding teaching and learning environment. All pupils wishing to be part of Madani Girls school are expected to conform to the behaviour and uniform policy as we expect our pupils to adopt a positive Islamic personality that celebrates peace, harmony and enjoyment.  

Code of Conduct

Staff use an assertive approach to managing behaviour based upon a system of rewards and consequences which have been discussed and agreed with the children at the beginning of each year .The emphasis within this is upon rewarding positive behaviour (catching them doing it right), rather than catching them doing it wrong. When students do not respond to this approach and persist with negative behaviour, they will be reminded of the consequences and invited to make a choice about their behaviour in the light of these consequences. Such instances will include the need to discuss behaviour with the teacher (or head teacher), the loss of play or personal time, or the discussion of the behaviour with the parents. In the unusual circumstances of extreme behaviour occurring, it will be made clear that it is entirely unacceptable, parents will be contacted and encouraged to work in partnership to address the situation. If the behaviour persists, then an Individual Behaviour Plan will be drawn up and shared with parents. This will make clear the targets for improvement, the strategies to be employed and the roles that various adults will play.

Code of Behaviour

  • Be kind and polite to everyone.
  • Work sensibly at all times and not cause any form of disruption to the learning within the class.
  • Behave sensibly at all times within the school and after dismissal from school.
  • Do things as soon as we are asked to avoid confrontation and access to greater opportunities.
  • Look after all the things we use in school as we all have a responsibility and accountability.
  • Keep our school and ourselves clean and tidy as this is part of our Deen.
  • Talk to teachers when we have a problem-we are here to help and support you in all aspects of your time her at Madani.
Prophet Muhammad (swt) said, “Nothing is heavier in the scales of a believer on the Day of Judgment than his good behaviour…” (Tirmidhi)