Our uniform is an essential part of the high expectation culture that generates such amazing outcomes for our students. Ensuring your child is correctly prepared for school is incredibly important if they are to be in the right frame of mind for school.

The following is the school uniform

Indoor Outdoor PE
Dark green cotton salwar kameez Black jilbaab Loose light grey long sleeved top
Dark green cardigan with school logo Black hijab Light grey jogging bottoms
White headscarf White headscarf White headscarf
Flat, black shoes Loose black coat  

Makeup and jewellery is not allowed. Parents are encouraged to monitor and ensure no items of jewellery are bought in to school.

The uniform in the school meets the standard of our ethos and is in line with British values of individual liberty. In the past on numerous occasions some media outlets have erroneously reported regarding the uniform at the school. Consequently, Ofsted inspected the school regarding uniform (read full report) and concluded:

In respect of this inspection visit regarding the school uniform policy, the regulatory requirements for independent schools are all met.


Policy review date