Madani Sports & Leisure Centre

Madani Girls' School is appealing to help build a Sports & Leisure Centre. The need of pupils and community have grown and to meet this we are expanding to add: 

  • Sports centre indoors
  • Outdoor (roof) for PE activities 
  • Library 
  • Brand new ICT suite
  • A large hall to cater for larger capacity of audience such as conducting assemblies, events etc


You can also support us by donating. Please click on the following link: 

Bukhari Jalsa


The 6th Annual

Last lesson to be taught by the honourable *SHAYKH SALEEM DHORAT SAHIB*

Another speech to be delivered by 

Date: *Sunday 22nd July 2018*
Sisters only session: 2:00- 3:15pm
Brothers & sisters session: 3:15 - 6:00pm

Join us for the dars  and dua!

Madani Maktab Open Day

Wednesday 18th April from 5-7pm there will be “Madani Maktab Open Day” at Madani Girls’ School. 

A detailed presentation will be delivered on the maktab syllabus. Parents will also have opportunity to meet the teachers and tour the maktab. 

Please come along to find out more. Your daughter will receive a letter today regarding tomorrow’s Maktab Open Day. 

For immediate information regarding tomorrow’s event, please contact the school office or speak to the headteacher directly on: 07984153846